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Busy busy

When I got home from visiting Danny for two weeks, I have found myself busy with allot of things I missed out on. Also I have been trying to juggled two MMO's at the same time. Everyone is pulling me in every direction. I need to decide what is important to me and focus on that. But I am also indecisive. Please, be patient with me. 

I don't have as much energy as I use too. I feel like I may be sick, but not sure what it wrong with me. Maybe it is malnutrition, no sunlight, and no exercise that is causing me to be sickly? I'm not sure. I can't afford to go to a doctor to found out. 

Some of you may have noticed, I don't get on Facebook or twitter much anymore. This is why. I'm either busy, or not feeling well. At the moment of me writing this, I am not feeling well.



Ok after walking through hell and high water to get my iPhone activated, it turns out Danny had to be the one to do it all along, they wouldn't do anything for me because I'm not the account holder. But I finally got a hold of Danny and he got it all straightened up and my phone has been activated. 

It turns out there was another glitch, where they didn't receive our plan order from Best Buy. (the second glitch I've encountered with them sense I first bought the damn phone) So it really was Verizons fault all along. They need to get their shit together. It shouldn't have been so hard to activate a damn phone. 

So now that I have unlimited talk and text, I'll give my number to my friends so just ask me on twitter or facebook or here, and I'll privately message it to you ^-^v


fucking god damnit


My iPhone finally gets here and it won't fucking activate. WTF. FUCK YOU VERIZON. Get your shit together!

Now I have to call them to get it activated BUT I DON'T HAVE ANY OTHER FUCKING PHONE TO CALL THEM WITH!!! So I'm shit out of luck until SOMEone gets me a phone card for my old phone (it has 0 minutes left on it) or lets me use their phone but MY DAD PROB WONT BUY ME A PHONE CARD and my grandpa and lara aren't going to be around any time soon. AND my dad lost his phone so that's no longer an option. I AM SCREWED. FUCKING SCREWED.

I was gonna call danny and talk to him for a while sense I am suppose to have unlimited minutes on this plan. BUT NO. FUCKING NO. FUCKING FUCK.

Fuck you Verizon, Fuck you Apple. 



I'm so excited!

For the first time, I will have my own phone with my own minutes and it will be my first smart phone! Tomorrow my iPhone 4s is suppose to arrive in the mail! I am so anxious and cannot wait until it comes tomorrow. I feel like a child on Christmas eve lol.

I wouldn't be able to afford it myself. My fiance Danny bought it for me. I love him so much ^o^

When I figure out what my number is, I won't mind sharing with my friends. So msg me if you want my number ^^. I'll have unlimited minutes so now I can talk to ppl all I want. (in the USA only I think)

It's going to have Siri on it. I'm going to be talking to an AI *-* Technology RAWKS!

unfortunately I will have only 300mb of Data I can use a month. it was the cheapest option. 

What I want to know is, can I turn it on wi-fi mode and use my own wi-fi free of charge?

Any one have a smart phone can tell me?


Band Recommendations for @hegej90

Hege asked for some band recommendations to check out. So I am happy to help xD. Specially sense she caught me in the middle of a VK mood ლ|^ー^ლ|
If your not Hege and still interested feel free to gander xD. List is under the cut! (I've included song recommendations too) 

(in no particular order)

Recommendations insideCollapse )

I hope you enjoy them, I had fun making this list XD


NoGod DVD preview...

I'm loving it. I need to bug Danny to buy this for me eventually xD. Also this one is for Sbeec!

Source: Visual Kei Heaven Via Art pop entertainment @ Youtube.

I fucking need this on my Ipod...

Amazing band is seriously underrated ;^;


Moving over to blogspot from tumblr

Well I decided sense I'm through with tumblr, possibly forever, that I might as well carry my blog title over to my blogspot blog. So I did. So on my LJ navigation, Sinful-indulgence link will now take you to my blogspot ^-^. So all my new graphics will go up on my Blogspot blog, and Artworks will be featured on that blog as well as my deviant art page. 

Side noteCollapse )

I just got tired of tumblr, it was the same mindless bullshit everyday, nothing but photo sharing, reblogging photo, posting photo. Trying to gain followers but ppl would unfollow you if you didn't folow back. Yes photo's are nice but damn a child could do it. I decided I could do better things in my time. Also I hate the simplistic edit style that is considered "the 'IN' way to edit". Those are the ones that get the most notes. I'm done with that. I want to be more artistic and put in more detail into my fan-arts now.

TLDR; Tumblr is boring now. My Tumblr blog title is now my blogspot blog title.



I am frustrated with myself lately. 

I was suppose to make a Todo list, and a grocery list. But I didn't. I have some things to get done before I go to Texas next week. And Now I have missed my chance to go grocery shopping, and now I don't have any more money for groceries. ヽ(▰´Д`)ノ

Also I can't bring myself to boot up my laptop so that I can use photoshop to make new graphics. I have idea's, and stuff to make, but can't bring myself to boot up that old laptop.

I've been lethargic for a while now, maybe I need to eat better and get some exercise. So hard to get motivated these days. No energy.

So far the only thing that will help give me energy besides coffee is Nightcore! o(≧∇≦)o Some how this motivates me to get up and dance and thus I feel better and more energy afterwards!!!


It's all RAN's fault...

Going through all my SIN-sama photo's again. The ones on my facebook. Because RAN was going through my photo's looking for pictures of my fiance and confused SIN-sama for my fiance LOL. And we got to talking about SIN-sama, and I looked through all the photo's again. Now I feel like making another wallpaper collage with his photo's. This time for my new desktop's resolution!

I still haven't forgot about the CHARGEEE, Mana, Kozi, and Kyo Avatar's and wallpapers I was going to do. I been wasting time on TERA  ┐|^ー^๑|┌ I'll get around to them eventually.